Follow the way of your heart

Start your inner journey

A close and healing encounter with yourself.

Do you want to find your optimal state of being and your inner balance? Or do you want to reach your highest potential in all areas of your life? In these workshops you will get exercises and tools that help you become happier, feel better in your body and influence your life quality.

Take a moment and breath. Put your hand on your heart and smile. Feel the golden light from your heart.

Your thoughts, tornments and incessant questions about how everything should be is eating you from within. Turn your attention inside yourself, to your heart. Be present and conscious in your heart.

Upcoming events

Private sessions are tailor-made on your particular life situation and contain Heart Imagery exercises, Heart meditations and other exercises and tools. 30 min private session, 20 Euro.

Heart Imagery Workshops on

  • Cleaning the Past and Self-renewal and
  • Healing and Emotional Clarity

are following the description below. Every workshop is held during one weekend and provides you with a manual, exercises and tools to apply in your everyday life. 2 days workshop, 222 Euro.

Private sessions/trainings are hold via ZOOM, Skype or Whatsapp.

Please feel free to contact us stating your area of interest so I will get back to you shortly for an appointment.

About me

I am a free spirit with a mission from the heart.

I have always been fascinated by the spiritual side of life, that led me to practice yoga, meditations and become an internationally certified Holy Fire Reiki/Karuna Reiki Master healer.

An accelerated personal transformation has started after meeting Master Daniel Mitel and attending “Journeys into the Heart” seminars, “Heart Imagery”, “Kriya Yoga” as well as “Awakening the Illuminated Heart”. These seminars have opened up a whole universe inside my heart. As I felt these deep changes into my life, I became a certified Meditation Teacher/Imagery practitioner of The School Of The Heart to be able to pay it forward. As a result, I changed my path from molecular biologist within farmaceutical industry to my life's true calling that is to help others by means of heart meditation and other techniques that originate from ancient traditions and at the same time, have been proven effective by modern research. Due to my academic background, I have a deep understanding of how the bodily processes work at the molecular level, which is an advantage.

My quest is to facilitate cleaning of the past trauma and releasing limiting beliefs as well as to empower people to harmonize their energy by balancing the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. By doing so one can enter the space of the heart and experience our true essence and the wonders that lay within and live the life to the fullest in happiness, peace and harmony. Imagine just for one moment how life on Mother Earth would look like if all the people would life from their hearts!


I love to share my experience and knowledge both in workshops and private sessions.

If something that you have read on my homepage aroused your curiosity and your inner longing for your spiritual quest, I am looking forward to getting to know you!

Blessings to you, beautiful soul!


The School of the Heart

The School of The Heart was created thousands of years ago by the Masters who understood that the only way to remember who we really are is to reconnect with the energy of the heart.

Master Daniel Mitel, the School of the Heart leader, works with masters all over the world, helping people remember how it is to live from the heart.

I, Ada Irina Tserepis, have the privilege to be the School of the Heart's ambassador in Sweden.


Heart Imagery

Heart Imagery workshops teach you how to balance your mental, emotional and physical bodies and it harmonises your energy.

There are two Heart Imagery workshops:

  • Cleaning of the Past and Self-renewal
  • Healing and Emotional Clarity

Have you ever thought of how much energy you carry within you from your past? Or how much energy gets caught inside you from others? Have you ever tried to understand and let go of the past?

Can you imagine who you become when you clean your past? Why are your dreams so disturbing sometimes that you choose to wake up to this "reality" to escape a scary night? What do you do to clean these dreams and get back in harmony with yourself? These are just some questions that you will get answered during these workshops.

Trust yourself, you are more than a dream! You are the powerful creator of your dreams!

Journeys into the Heart

Journeys into the Heart workshops are based on the experiences of many Masters and mystics around the world and teach you how to enter into the space of your heart.

There are of two Journeys into the Heart workshops

  • Journeys into the Heart - The Inner Path
  • Jouneys into the Heart - The Higher Self

and they are in close connection to the Awakening The Illuminated Heart (ATIH) seminar from Drunvalo Melchizedek's School of Remembering.

Based on the book "Journeys into the Heart" by Daniel Mitel and Drunvalo Melchizedek, these workshops provide you with powerful meditations to further improve your practice on the Tiny Space of the Heart meditation.

Free Recordings

The most important meditation:

"Mother Earth Meditation" with Master Daniel Mitel

Contact us

Please leave a message at or sms at +46 734 260514 and I will contact you shortly for an appointment.

För klienter från Sverige, finns jag på HälsoPorten vid Odenplan, Stockholm samt vid Skanstull på Söder. För att boka tid, skicka gärna sms till 0734 260514 och jag återkommer inom kort.